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*              Package LayAureo                   *

Copyright 2003 Gruppo Utilizzatori Italiani di TeX

 This program is provided under the terms of the
 LaTeX Project Public License distributed from CTAN
 archives in directory macros/latex/base/lppl.txt.

 Author: Fabiano Busdraghi


 This package produces a wide page layout for 
 documents that use A4 paper size. Moreover, 
 LayAureo provides both a simple hook for leaving 
 an empty space which is required if pages are 
 bundled by a press binding (use option 
 binding=length), and an option called big which 
 it forces typearea to become maximum. There is no 
 full English documentation yet.


 Run LaTeX on layaureo.ins and move layaureo.sty 
 into a directory searched by LaTeX. Refresh the 
 database to finish installation.
 To produce the documentation run layaureo.dtx
 through (pdf)LaTeX.