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MARGINFIX -- Fixes LaTeX's margin notes

  Stephen D. Hicks is the author of inlinedef

  This program is provided under the terms of the LaTeX
  Project Public License distributed from CTAN archives at
  Copyright 2010, 2013 Stephen D. Hicks

  Run `latex marginfix.ins' and copy the marginfix.sty file into a
  path searched by LaTeX.

  Authors using LaTeX to typeset books with significant margin
  material often run into the problem of long notes running off the
  bottom of the page. A typical workaround is to insert \vshift
  commands by hand, but this is a tedious process that is invalidated
  when pagination changes. Another workaround is memoir's \sidebar
  function, but this can be unsatisfying for short textual notes, and
  standard marginpars cannot be mixed with sidebars. This package
  implements a solution to make marginpars "just work" by keeping a
  list of floating inserts and arranging them intelligently in the
  output routine.

  README          This file
  marginfix.dtx   Source code and documentation
  marginfix.ins   Installation script generating source and tests
  marginfix.pdf	  PDF version of the documentation