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This file contains information about the mathfont LaTeX package
installation. Besides this README, the installation contains the
following files:

1. mathfont.dtx: the main package file. Typeset this file to generate
the corresponding .sty file and complete the installation.

2. mathfont.pdf: the package documentation.

3. mathfont_greek.pdf: a table of Greek characters provided by

4. mathfont_example.pdf: an example of mathfont in action.

The mathfont package is Copyright 2018-2019 by Conrad Kosowsky.

This work may be distributed and modified under the terms
of the LaTeX Public Project License, version 1.3c or any later version.
The most recent version of this license is available online at

This work has the LPPL status "maintained," and the current maintainer
is the package author, Conrad Kosowsky. He can be reached at  The work consists of the file mathfont.dtx;
the derived files mathfont.sty, mathfont_greek.tex, and
mathfont_example.tex; and all other files created through the configuration
process such as mathfont.pdf, mathfont.idx, and mathfont.ind.

To install mathfont, run mathfont.dtx through LaTeX and move
the generated file mathfont.sty into a directory searchable by TeX.
Running mathfont.dtx through LaTeX will produce the derived files 
mathfont.sty, mathfont_greek.tex, and mathfont_example.tex. The first
of these documents is the actual package code, and the second and third
are the source code for mathfont_greek.pdf and mathfont_example.pdf,