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The MLIST package

This package defines the commands \newvect, \newmatr, \newfunc,
and \newmset for creating macros to typeset vectors, matrices,
functions, and sets. For example, Logical indexing can then be
used to refer to elements or arguments without hard-coding the
symbols in the document:



    \left( V_a, V_b, V_c \right)

All aspects of the typeset appearance can be adjusted, and new
`mlists' can be defined to represent other mathematical constructs.

Consider this package an exploration of separation of form and content
for some mathematical constructions. I hope you find it useful.

History of major changes

v0.6:  Added the headhook option to accomodate accents to
       the head symbol. Perhaps a little experimental.

v0.5:  Introduced \newmset for defining mathematical sets;
       with pre-defined sets \setR, \setC, \setZ, \setN.

Will Robertson
wspr 81 [at] gmail [dot] com

Copyright 2007-2008
Distributed under the LaTeX Project Public License