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 	  multidef.sty -- quickly define a series of similar commands
        	          (Nicolas Markey -- <multidef(at)>)
            		                   version 1.10 -- 2016/04/20

Package multidef provides a quick and easy way of declaring several 
macros having similar definitions.


(c) 2016/03/14 Nicolas Markey <multidef at markey dot fr>

This work may  be distributed and/or modified under  the conditions of
the LaTeX Project  Public License, either version 1.3  of this license
or (at  your option)  any later version.   The latest version  of this
license is in
and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version
2005/12/01 or later.

This work has the LPPL maintenance status `maintained'.
The Current Maintainer of this work is Nicolas Markey.


 - v1.00 (2016/03/14): initial release
 - v1.01 (2016/03/15): 
    * now uses trimspaces.sty if available
    * [BUG] added \global for list of redefined macros
 - v1.10 (2016/04/20):
    * corrected wrong example in doc (thanks to Pedro Sanchez Terraf)
    * added option 'robust' for defining robust commands