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LaTeX class: musuos v1.1d
Tobias Weh (

This class is design for typesetting papers at
the department of music of the university 
osnabrueck. Since most of the users are german 
the whole documentation is in german.

A matching biblatex style is provided as

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project
Public License. See
archive/help/Catalogue/licenses.lppl.html for
the details of that license.

* README          - this file
* musuos.dtx      - source file
* musuos.ins      - install file
* musuos.pdf      - documentation (german)
*  - adapted index style for
                    the german manual

Use your TeX update manager oder do it manually:
Navigate to the folder that contains musuos.ins
and call

   latex musuos.ins

That gives you the file musuos.cls which should
be moved somewhere TeX can find it (e.g.

To typeset the manual call

   pdflatex musuos.dtx
   pdflatex musuos.dtx
   makeindex -s -o musuos.gls musuos.glo
   makeindex -s -o musuos.ind musuos.idx
   pdflatex musuos.dtx
   pdflatex musuos.dtx