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nfssext-cfr.sty is an extension of Philipp Lehman's nfssext.sty. nfssext.sty
provides commands which enable one to specify font features not covered by
the New Font Selection Scheme of LaTeX-2e. nfssext-cfr.sty provides
additional commands, further extending the facilities offered by NFSS.

nfssext-cfr.sty is required by various font support packages I've written.
It is being released separately to avoid unnecessary duplication and
confusion. At least, I hope it will remove at least one source of unnecessary
confusion. I have no reason to think it will avoid any of the others.

The code is somewhat experimental. It works for me. So far. If you discover
problems, please let me know. If you know how to fix them, even better.

The 2010 update includes an attempt to improve the behaviour of \ofstyle, and to
add support for microtype. I didn't publish this at the time because I wanted
to test it first. I have just discovered that I am still using a local copy.
Insofar as one person can test something, I figure that 5 years ought to be
enough to pick up the most obvious problems. However, your kilometres may, as
always, vary.

There should be no changes for the end user except that in certain cases it is
possible that line-breaks may be altered if microtype is in use due to the
enhanced support included for variant font families.

- Clea F. Rees (ReesC21 <at> cardiff <dot> ac <dot> uk)