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            README for the `nicefilelist' package
      \listfiles Alignment with Date and Version Columns
                  (C) Uwe Lueck 2012/10/30

While `longnamefilelist.sty' improves LaTeX's \listfiles with 
respect to long base filenames only, the present `nicefilelist.sty' 
can keep separate columns for 
(i) date (ii) version, and (iii) "caption" 
(don't write caption text in date column), 
their alignment not being disturbed by short filename extensions 
such as `.fd'. This is achieved basing on the `monofill' package.

v0.7 offers a package option `[wrap]' for automatic word wrapping 
within the caption column, using the `hardwrap' package, so 
filenames and captions can be quite long without disturbing the 

As opposed to the `dateiliste' package, this is about the plain 
text output in the `.log' file or, with `myfilist', as a stand-
alone plain text file.

The package `latexfileinfo-pkgs'

describes `nicefilelist' in a more general context. A file 
`nicefilelist.RLS' provides release information accessible by 
packages described there.


The package file `nicefilelist.sty' and the documentation files
`nicefilelist.pdf' and `nicefilelist.tex' can be redistributed and/or
modified under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License;
either version 1.3c of the License, or any later version, see

There is NO WARRANTY -- no responsibility can be accepted 
when your monitor bursts.

The `nicefilelist' package is author-maintained in the sense of
this license.

The latest public version of the package is available at

A TDS version of the package is available as

Please report bugs, problems, suggestions, and bad English via