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numprint.sty and nbaseprt.sty

Print numbers with a separator every three digits and convert numbers
given as 12345.6e789 to 12\,345,6\cdot 10^{789}. Numbers are printed
in the current mode (text or math) in order to use the correct font.
  Many things, including the decimal sign, the thousand separator, as
well as the product sign can be changed by the user, e.g., to reach
12,345.6\times 10^{789}. If requested, numprint can round numbers to
a given number of digits.
  If an optional argument is given it is printed upright as unit.
Numbers can be rounded to a given number of digits.
  The package supports an automatic, language-dependent change of the
number format.
  Tabular alignment using the tabular(*), array, tabularx, and longtable
environments (similar to the dcolumn and rccol packages) is supported
using all features of numprint. Additional text can be added before and
after the formatted number.

If you prefer to use the old version 0.32 you may use numprint032.sty
which will stay fixed.

This package prints integer numbers in different bases (octal,
decimal, hexadecimal, binary) similarly to the numprint package.
But here, the number of digits within one group depends on the
  This version of nbaseprt.sty is a BETA VERSION. The main command
\nbaseprint will stay stable but all configuration commands and the output
of \nbaseprint may change in future. Please give me feedback what can be
improved and if the abbreviations for the different number bases are correct.

Copyright 2000--2005, 2007, 2008, 2012 Harald Harders

This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms
of the LaTeX Project Public License Distributed from CTAN
archives in directory macros/latex/base/lppl.txt; either
version 1 of the License, or any later version.


automatic: - run make
	   - run make install
           - run make
           - copy numprint.sty, nbaseprt.sty, and numprint032.sty to a place
             where LaTeX can find them
           - run texhash or the corresponding command of your distribution

by hand: - execute latex on numprint.ins
         - copy numprint.sty, nbaseprt.sty, and numprint032.sty to a place
           where LaTeX can find them
         - run texhash or the corresponding command of your distribution
         If you also want to re-compile the documentation which should not
         be necessary do the following items, too:
         - execute:
           pdflatex numprint.dtx
           pdflatex numprint.dtx
           makeindex -s -o numprint.gls numprint.glo
           makeindex -s numprint
           pdflatex numprint.dtx
         - copy numprint.pdf to the documentation tree of your 
           TeX implementation
	 - do the same replacing `numprint' by `nbaseprt' resp. 'numprint032'
         - run texhash or the corresponding command of your distribution, 

Harald Harders