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opcit.dtx	Source file (LaTeX on it produces the full documentation)
opcit.ins	Installation driver (TeX on it produces the files of
		the package)
opcit.sty	Package
opcit.bst	BibTeX style
opcit.pdf	Manual (not including code)


This is a fully reworked and completed release of opcit, the package
for footnote-style bibliography.

The package keeps track of what works have already been cited, so that
a further citation produces "Idem" or "op. cit." (both of which are
customizable, both globally and locally).

New features include a complete bst file; corrections or improvements
suggested by users of the first version; cross references between
entries and between footnotes; and more.


The sty file should go in tex\latex\opcit
The bst file should go in bibtex\bst\opcit (or any other subdirectory
of bst, such as public)


The user's manual is the pdf file. Running LaTeX on opcit.dtx produces
this plus commented code.