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paperTeX: creating newspapers using LaTeX2e
Copyright (C) 2010 by Ignacio Llopis <>

{Version 1.2b}

This class allows LaTeX users to create a newspaper using LaTeX.
This class was created together with a Perl script in order to create
a publication automatically. paperTeX will help you to create your own
publication with a newspaper style.

This package provides commands to create the front page as well as the
inner pages of a newspaper. There are also various configuration commands
which let the user set up his/her own style.

paperTeX gives its `best results' when using PDFLaTeX. Please, refer to
the documentation to get a better idea of what this class does.

Download the file papertex.cls and leave it somewhere TeX will find it.

This class requires other LaTeX packages that you might need to download
before compiling your documents.

Files of the `paperTeX' class:

  README          This file
  papertex.dtx    Source code and documentation
  papertex.ins    Installation script generating papertex.cls
  CHANGES         List of changes
  papertex.pdf    PDF version of the documentation
  example/        Folder containing an example

These files are copyrighted, 2006-2010, Ignacio Llopis. They
are released under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License.
for the details of that license.

Ignacio Llopis <>