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		pawpict package for LaTeX2e

This is a distribution of my pawpict package for easy inclusion
of graphics made by PAW (Physics Analysis Workstation). You need 
to have PAW installed on yor system to bennefiet from this package.

The distribution file are:

	README		this file.
	pawpict.dtx	documentation and source file
	pawpict.ins	bacth file for docstrip

To install this package, do in a temporary directory:
			latex pawpict.ins
		move the files 
		to some diretory seached by LaTeX, e.g. in teTeX:
		/usr/lib/texmf/local/tex/latex/pawpict/, or %TEXINPUTS%
		in DOS.
			latex pawpict.dtx
			latex pawpict.dtx
			makeindex -s gind -o pawpict.ind pwpict.idx
			makeindex -s gglo -o pawpict.gls pawpict.glo
			latex pawpict.dtx
		to produce the documentation.

This package is copyright of Christian Holm, but is distributed
under the GNU General Public Lisence.

Happy typesetting :-)

Christian Holm