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This package contains version 5.0 of the "pb-diagram.sty"
LaTeX macro package by Paul Burchard, along with complete
documentation and examples.  The "diagram" environment provided
by this package allows the LaTeX user to easily create complex
commutative diagrams, by placing formula nodes on a conceptual
grid and attaching arrows to them.

The grid used in these diagrams is not a fixed square grid.
Instead, the environment automatically generates a correctly scaled
and shaped rectangular grid which will compactly hold the formulas,
while leaving room for the arrows between them.  Moreover, the
arrows automatically adapt to the spaces between the formulas
being connected.

* Improvements from Previous Versions *

version 5.0:
 - XY-PIC arrow fonts can be used, for even nicer, PostScript-
   compatible arrows, thanks to Bill Richter <>
 - now distributed under GNU General Public License

version 4.1:
 - LAMS arrow fonts now compile correctly, thanks to
   fix from Ingo Hadan <>
 - \arrow command works better outside of diagrams

version 4.0:
 - makes pb-diagram more compatible with LaTeX2e and AMS-LaTeX
 - fixes a grid geometry bug that doubled some diagrams
 - corrects the direction of LAMS-TeX arrow embellishments
 - adds a double-headed arrow option
 - leaves many more TeX box nesting levels for arrow labels
 - produces less verbose output during typesetting

* Upgrading Papers *

In versions 3.6 and earlier, certain uncommon types of diagrams
came out twice too large; to produce exactly compatible behavior
in versions 4.0 and later, use the following declaration:


In versions 3.4 and earlier, the names of the packages differed;
here is a dictionary for translating the list of packages to load:

    diagram  ->  pb-diagram
    lamsarrow,diagram  ->  pb-diagram,lamsarrow,pb-lams	

* Installation *

    File Name               Where to Put It
    -------------------     -------------------
    pb-diagram.sty          TEXINPUTS
    pb-xy.sty               TEXINPUTS
    pb-lams.sty             TEXINPUTS
    lamsarrow.sty           TEXINPUTS
    pb-manual.tex           documentation area
    pb-examples.tex         documentation area
    mf/lams*.mf             MFINPUTS
    tfm/lams*.tfm           TEXFONTS

Please let me know if you have any problems with
this package.

Paul Burchard