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                   This is the README file for pdfsync
                          a LaTeX package for
               synchronizing between source and pdf output

* Presentation
pdfsync.sty allows one to synchronize between LaTeX source and pdf output.
When used with a text editor and a PDF viewer that both support pdfsync,
you can navigate from the source to the output and vice versa.
This is some kind of srcltx ported from dvi to pdf.

When you typeset foo.tex with pdfsync.sty and either pdfetex or xetex,
a foo.pdfsync auxiliary file is created. It only contains geometrical information
used by text editors or PDF viewers for synchronization.
You can delete this file when you are done.

Actually, iTeXMac, iTeXMac2, TeXShop, AucTeX are
text editors implementing pdfsync support at various level.
iTeXMac, iTeXMac2, TeXShop, TeXniscope, PDFView are
PDF viewers implementing pdfsync support at various level.

This is most certainly the last update of this package,
this technology will most certainly be embedded in pdftex and XeTeX engines and won't rely any longer on pdf techniques.
As a matter of fact, synchronization will be available both for dvi, xdv and pdf.
Also it will work the same for Plain, LaTeX, ConTeXt and whatsoever.
Moreover, synchronization will not modify any package.

* News
- 01/30/2007: version 1.1 is the second version officially available.
Some internals were modified in order to provide a stronger \pdfsyncstart, \pdfsyncstop pair.
Paul Taylor's diagram package now works with pdfsync. You may have to update.
Anticipating over pdftex improvements, this package will load with option "off" if the \synchronize macro is defined

* Installation
If this package is not already included in your TeX distribution,
just copy the pdfsync.sty file to the proper location.
On Mac OS X, it can be


where you should replace YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY by its actual value.

* Usage
Put \usepackage{pdfsync} in your LaTeX preamble.

In case of severe conflicts with another package, try instead


If pdfsync breaks only some part of your LaTeX code, you can try to
enclose it in \pdfsyncstop \pdfsyncstart pair. If you want to add
more control point add \pdfsync at sensible locations in your code.
In that case, \usepackage[off]{pdfsync} will disable pdf synchronization
and \relax the above commands.

* Bugs
pdfsync uses extremely sensible code.
You should not use pdfsync on final documents because
it can change the layout rather significantly
(different page/line breaks are the most obvious changes),
despite this is rather rare,
17th Murphy's law states that it will happen to you when it absolutely must not...

The accuracy of pdf synchronization depends on the application used for that purpose.
iTeXMac2 is actually the most accurate implementation because it combines pdfsync
with pdf searching. The lack of accuracy, is not a bug in pdfsync a priori.

You should report bugs and package conflicts to

     jlaurens AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net.

* Credits:
The original idea of pdfsync was proposed by Piero D'Ancona in the summer of 2003.
He and Jerome Laurens both created the first working package.
Hans Hagen and David Kastrup made very significant enhancements to the original code.

* License
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the The LaTeX Project Public License version 1.3c at least

* Home page
The official site where you will find both the latest version and the .pdfsync file specifications is

copyright 2007, jlaurens AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net