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pfarrei - A bundle of executables, LaTeX documents and packages for pastors
Maintainer:	Markus Kohm
E-Mail:		komascript at gmx info
Abstract:	In "Die TeXnische Komödie" 1/2013 Christian Justen told
		about his practise using LaTeX at his work as pastor. One
		point was to arrange A5 papers onto A4 landscape paper
		either side-by-side or as a booklet. He made two bash 
		scripts for this. `pfarrei' provides one texlua script for
		the same. 
		    Other points would be, e.g, special limitations of the
		page break. `pfarrei' provides LaTeX commands and 
		environments to help for that too.
Requires:	LaTeX2e, ifpdf, pdfpages, TeXLua
License:	LPPL 1.3c or later
State:		Maintained
Topics:         compact output, typically multiple pages/sheet
Special installation note:
		To extract all the files just call `tex pfarrei.dtx'. Note,
		that you have to use tex NOT latex or pdflatex!
		The manual may be done using `pdflatex pfarrei.dtx' two

		After this, you should copy the files like this into a valid
		TEXMF tree (aka TDS tree):
		    a5toa4.tlu  --> scripts/pfarrei/a5toa5.tlu
		    pfarrei.tlu --> scripts/pfarrei/pfarrei.tlu
		    a5toa4.tex  --> tex/latex/pfarrei/a5toa4.tex
		    pfarrei.sty --> tex/latex/pfarrei/pfarrei.sty
		    pfarrei.pdf --> doc/latex/pfarrei/pfarrei.pdf
		    README	--> source/latex/pfarrei/README
		    pfarrei.dtx --> source/latex/pfarrei/pfarrei.dtx

		Users, that do not use Windows, should also copy a5toa4.tlu
		to the binary directory of their TeX distribution and rename
		that copy into a5toa4 (without extension).

		Windows users using TeX Live, should make a copy
		of runscript.exe with the name a5toa4.exe in the binary 
		directory of their TeX distribution.

		Windows users using MiKTeX <= 2.9 should remove
		scripts/pfarrei/a5toa4.tlu and rename
		    scripts/pfarrei/pfarrei.tlu -->
                because MiKTeX <= 2.9 uses an outdated texlua, that does not
		search for modules correctly. 

		Wndows users using MiKTeX should also copy
		    ...\MiKTeX\miktex\bin\internal\runtexlua.exe -->
		and start the MiKTeX Package Manager to install package 
                miktex-cairo-bin-2.9, if not already installed.

		Please note, that there's also a TDS distribution of
		`pfarrei' that may be installed simply by extraction of
		`' at a TEXMF tree and additionally copying 
		the binary to the binary directory of the TeX distribution
		as described above.