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LaTeX Package : latex-pkgloader 0.7.0

Last Modified : 2018-04-29

Author        : Michiel Helvensteijn  (

CTAN page     :


A LaTeX package for managing the options and loading order of other packages


To use this package you need, apart from packages installed by default,
the following package:

*  `lt3graph`

To generate the documentation some additional packages are needed.


`pkgloader.sty` is provided directly in the package archive. Put
it in a place where your LaTeX distribution can find it.
(`pkgloader.sty` is not generated, but manually maintained; you
 may use docstrip to remove the documentation, but you don't
 have to; it will just work the way it is)


`pkgloader.pdf` is provided directly in the package archive or [via CTAN](
To generate the documentation yourself, run LaTeX on pkgloader.tex.
(`pkgloader.tex` does not contain the package code itself; it inputs
 `pkgloader.sty` directly to document the implementation)


This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See
for the details of that license.