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Here's a copy of my LaTeX2e style file for typesetting programs
and algorithms in my favourite style without having to type
in endless tabbing commands.  Each line is set in math mode
so all the indentation and spacing is done automatically.
The notation |variable_name| can be used within normal text,
maths expressions or programs to indicate a variable name.
Use \origbar to get a normal | symbol in a program.
The commands \A, \B, \R, \T and \Z typeset the corresponding bold
letter with the next object as a substript (eg \S1 typesets {\bf
S$_1$} etc). They now cope with primes as well, (eg $\S2'''$). The
program.sty file can be easily edited to reflect your favoured style.
Typesetting a program is as easy as:

\(\IF x \ne 0 \THEN |long_name|_{123} = x^y \FI\)

See the program-demo.tex file for examples.

The file should work with or without AMSLaTeX.

This work is released under the GPL version 3.

                        Martin Ward.  Erdos number: 4
G.K.Chesterton web site: