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LaTeX: to make scaling work also with vertical direction of (u)pTeX
and dvipdfmx

The graphics' feature of "scaling" (`\scalebox`, `\reflextbox` and
`\resizebox`) with dvipdfmx driver results in a wrong direction of
stretch, when used in the vertical direction of pTeX. This behavior
is caused by the fact that internal X and Y directions of pTeX
`\tate` mode correspond to physical top-to-bottom and right-to-left
directions respectively. This package provides a fix for the problem.

### Installation

  - `*.sty` → $TEXMF/tex/latex/pxtatescale

### Usage

Load this package after graphicx (or graphics) package.

    \usepackage{graphicx} % or graphics

Note that this package is of no use unless you work on e-(u)pTeX +
dvipdfmx combination.

Revision History

  * 2013/03/25 v0.2
      - The first public version. (TY)
  * 2017/01/16 v0.3
      - Updated for new dvipdfmx.def with pdf-based scaling. (HY)
  * 2017/01/21 v0.4
      - Ensure graphics driver `dvipdfmx` before applying a patch. (HY)

Hironobu Yamashita