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The rmpage package has five files:

rmpage.tex    LaTeXable documenation
rmpage.sty    The package file
rmplocal.gfc  A configuration file
rmpgen.cfg    A configuration file
readme        This file

The documentation's a bit of a mess - you can expect lots of overfull and 
underfull \hboxes when you LaTeX it.  You might want to change the paper 
size if you don't use A4.

rmplocal.gfc is configuration file with fewer options than rmpgen.cfg - 
it's much faster.  See rmpage.tex for more details.

And what's rmpage for?

The rmpage package lets you change page layout parameters in small
steps over a range of values using options.  It can set \textwidth
appropriately for the main fount, and ensure that the text fits inside
the printable area of a printer.

An rmpage-formatted document can be typeset identically without
rmpage after a single cut and paste operation.  Local configuration
can set defaults: for all documents; or by class, by printer, and by
paper size.

The geometry package is better if you want to set layout parameters to
particular measurements.

Rowland McDonnell