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These are a few LaTeX2e-packages for a variety of tasks:

- collect provides several environment to collect text in a macro
  or a file for later use.

  Current version: 0.9

- metainfo provides a macro for only typesetting specially formatted
  comments of a document.

  Current version: 0.9.1

- optparams provides a small macro for creating macros with multiple
  optional parameters.

  Current version: 0.9

- parcolumns provides an environment for typesetting text in two or
  more columns in parallel.

  Requires the processkv-package (below).

  Current version: 1.2

- processkv provides macros for processing of key-value-lists by
  calling a user-defined macro for each key-value-pair.

  Requires the keyval-package dated 1999/03/16 or later.

  Current version: 1.0.1

- zahl2string provides macros for formatting numbers as german words,
  i.e. `1' gets formatted as `eins'.

  Current version: 1.2.1

Each package consists of an .ins-file containing the driver for
installation, a .dtx-file containing the macros and documentation and
a .pdf containing the typeset documentation.

To install, run LaTeX on the .ins-file, then copy the resulting
.sty-file somewhere LaTeX can find it. To typeset the documentation,
run LaTeX on the .dtx-file, run MakeIndex using as the index
style file and then run LaTeX again.

All packages may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions
of the LaTeX Project Public License (lppl), either version 1.3 of this
license or (at your option) any later version. The latest version of
this license is in

and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version
2003/12/01 or later.