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# The `sduthesis` Class / `sduthesis` 文档类

## Introduction / 介绍

The `sduthesis` is designed for students of Shandong Univ., P.R.China,
by [Liam Huang][liam-ctan]. The 1.0.x versions of `sduthesis` were
released in the name of Ch'en Meng, while from the begining of version 1.2.0,
it was released in the name of Liam Huang and was rewritten in `docstrip`.

This work is released under the LaTeX Project Public License, v1.3c or later.
See the License file.

`sduthesis` 是由 [Liam Huang][liam-ctan] 为山东大学学生设计的 LaTeX 论文模板。
1.x 以化名 Ch'en Meng 的名义发布;1.2.0 版本开始,以 `docstrip` 工具重写了整个代码,
并以 Liam Huang 的名义发布。

`sduthesis` 遵循不低于 1.3 版本的 LPPL 许可证,详情请查看 LICENSE 文件。

## Installation / 安装

    cd path/to/sduthesis
    xelatex sduthesis.ins
    xelatex -shell-escape sduthesis.dtx
    xelatex -shell-escape sduthesis.dtx
    xelatex sduthesis-demo.tex
    xelatex sduthesis-demo.tex

Remove temp-files.

* Put `sduthesis.ins` and `sduthesis.dtx` to `TEXMF/source/latex/sduthesis/`
* Put `sduthesis.cls`, `*.def` and `figures/' to `TEXMF/tex/latex/sduthesis/`
* Put the remaining files to `TEXMF/doc/latex/sduthesis/`


## Usage / 用法

See the user manual `sduthesis.pdf` and the demo `sduthesis-demo.tex'.

参见用户文档 `sduthesis.pdf` 及示例文件 `sduthesis-demo.tex`。

## Author / 作者

Liam Huang


If you are interested in the process of development you may observe