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--- README ---

sffms:  A LaTeX class for typesetting fiction manuscripts

This directory contains files for version 2.0 of sffms, a LaTeX class
for typesetting science fiction and fantasy manuscripts.  Sffms now
includes several options for specific publishers as well as extensive
documentation aimed at new LaTeX users.  The code has been cleaned up
for version 2.0 and the geometry package made optional.

See the web page ( for more information and
sample output.

--- sffms files ---

README.txt - this file

sffms.ins - the docstrip file
	    Latex this file to extract the sffms class files.

sffms.dtx - the documented source file
	    Latex this file to create the sffms documentation.

sffms_manual.pdf - the sffms documentation
		   The manual is included in case you want to read 
		   about sffms without downloading and latexing it.

blind.tex   - In the Country of the Blind by H.G. Wells
              Typeset using sffms with the submission option.
	      Output provided in dvi, postscript and pdf formats
	         at the website (

--- supporting packages ---

Download the following supporting files from CTAN:

geometry.dtx (optional)
geometry.ins (optional)

--- EOF ---