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Copyright 1999 Michael John Downes.
Copyright 2012 TeX Users Group.
This file is part of the showdim package, released under the LPPL;
see showdim.sty for details.

This package (showdim) prints dimensions in various values:

\tenthpt       - Print dimen in points, rounded to the nearest tenth
\tenthpc       - Print dimen in picas, rounded to the nearest tenth
\hundredthpc   - Print dimen in picas, rounded to the nearest hundredth
\tenthpcpt     - Print dimen in tenths of a pica and whole points.
\pttenthpc     - Print dimen in points and tenths of a pica.
\pthundredthpc - Print dimen in points followed by the equivalent in picas
                   (to two decimal places).
\points        - Print dimen rounded to the nearest whole point.
\picas         - Print dimen converted to the nearest whole pica.

This package was written by Michael Downes, who passed away in 2003.  He
released it without a license, which is considered nonfree nowadays.  In
October 2012, his heirs (his children Zoe, Elizabeth, and Mia Downes)
have all agreed to re-releasing his work under any version of the LaTeX
Public Project License.  Therefore, the package is now released under
the LPPL, version 1 or (at your option) any later version.

The only change in this release is to the license (and typos).
The actual code is the same as Michael's last release.