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version 1.4  (Dec 2018)

Tabbing to fixed positions in a paragraph.

Copyright 2006,2009,2012,2013,2018 by 
Donald Arseneau,   Vancouver, Canada (
License: LPPL ver 1.3 or later
LPPL maintenance status `maintained' (by author).

Two new text positioning commands are defined: \tabto and \tab.
\tabto{<length>} and \tabto*{<length>}
Tab to a specified position relative to the left margin in a paragraph
They differ when the text on the line already goes past the desired
position: \tabto gives a line break whereas \tabto* backspaces.

Tab to the next tab-stop chosen from a list of tab positions, in
the traditional style of typewriters. The tab-stop positions are 
declared using either \TabPositions{<length>, <length>,...<length>}
or \NumTabs{<number>}.