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		thump package for LaTeX2e

This is a distribution of my thump package for making runing
thump marks in documents.

The distribution file are:

	README		this file.
	thump.dtx	documentation and source file
	thump.ins	bacth file for docstrip

To install this package, do in a temporary directory:
			latex thump.ins
		move the files 
		to some diretory seached by LaTeX, e.g. in teTeX:
		/usr/lib/texmf/local/tex/latex/thump/, or %TEXINPUTS%
		in DOS.
			latex thump.dtx
			latex thump.dtx
			makeindex -s gind -o thump.ind thump.idx
			makeindex -s gglo -o thump.gls thump.glo
			latex thump.dtx
		to produce the documentation.

This package is copyright of Christian Holm, but is distributed
under the GNU General Public Lisence.

Happy typesetting :-)

Christian Holm