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con-TOPtesi bundle version 6.x
Copyright 2008-2019 Claudio Beccari
LaTeX Project Public Licence LPPL v.1.3c (or later)

This work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of
the LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.3c of this license or
(at your option) any later version. The latest version of this license
is in and version 1.3c or later is
part of all distributions of LaTeX version 2003/12/01 or later.

This work itself and every derived work are subject to the above
licence, included the file toptesi.cfg that may be copied to a 
different named file and the copy modified at will by the user.

This work has the LPPL maintenance status "author-maintained".

This work consists of the following files:

The files derived from the work are the following:

    together with all the *-example-*.pdf derived from the 
             corresponding  *-example-*.tex ones.

The toptesi.dtx file is self extracting and self documenting; if you 
run pdflatex on it you get at the same time the class, the style 
files, the toptesi configuration file, plus the English documented  
pdf file.

The Italian documentation is obtained by running LuaLaTeX on
toptesi-it.tex; this documentation has been completely redone 
compared to previous versions. With this compiler the result 
should be PDF/A-1b compliant. The compilation of this file 
requires input of various .pdf files, mostly obtained by 
processing the .tex files belonging to the bundle. It requires 
also the FAKE logos of Politecnico di Torino and of its doctoral 
school. See below.

The two documentations pdf files, toptesi.pdf and toptesi-it.pdf,
are complementary to one another.
The various files


are examples of the usage of this work; except the second and third 
ones, explicitly created to be used with lualatex or xelatex 
respectively; all the others compile correctly with pdflatex; 
they may be used as templates, but in themselves, although part 
of this Work, they may be used by the end user the way s/he likes 
best, in order to use them as templates, but the files should not 
be modified unless their names are changed.


The TOPtesi bundle contains everything is needed for typesetting 
a bachelor, master or PhD thesis in Italian intermixed with 
English and viceversa  (or in any other language supported by 
LaTeX: the bundle supports multi-language use).

The infix strings may be selected and/or specified at will by 
means of a configuration file, so as to customise the information 
of the front page to the requirements of a specific university 
and a specific language.

Thanks to its language management, the bundle is suited for
multi-language theses that are more and more frequent thanks
to the double degree programs of the European Union Erasmus 
programs or the Life Long Learning European programs.

Version 6.x is backwards compatible, but it is completely new; it
uses key=value options, and uses different modules to typeset all
types of thesis supported by the package; it allows to select the 
use of the frontespizio package to typeset the title page in 
substitution of its standard modules; it allows a custom setting, 
to let the user typeset his/her own title page layout. 

As a new feature compared to versions 5.x, among the various thesis 
types there is also the one that Italian students submit to the 
examining committee of their final high-school State Exam.

Version 6.3.x contains some enhancements and corrections, especially 
in view of the 2019 Italian TUG meeting that contained a tutorial 
on this bundle. For what concerns PDF/A compliant files, the 
documentation gives instructions that are up to date with package 
pdfx dated February 2019, version 1.6.3.

Version 6.1.12 just differs from the previous 6.x versions because some 
little bugs were corrected and the documentation was upgraded.

Version 5.92 of TOPtesi was intended to be compliant also with XeLaTeX 
and LuaLaTeX; the documentation explains also how to obtain PDF/A-1b 
archivable files from pdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX, and LuaLaTeX. This particular 
functionality was up to date with respect to package pdfx dated 
2016/05/03 v.1.5.8.

Version 5.91 contained some small enhancements and bug corrections.

Version 5.90 was enhanced with more class options that allowed 
TOPtesi to be used with external packages for typesetting the title 
page in different styles. It had a completely enhanced and redone 
Italian documentation file toptesi-it.pdf.


For installation, if the package is not already contained in the 
installed TeX system distribution, on your platform either read 
the Italian documentation toptesi-it.pdf or move the 
file to


and decompress it.

Then run pdflatex on toptesi.dtx in order to get the class, style and
configuration files (and the pdf documentation in English) and move
the .tex, .cls, .sty, and .cfg files (including the
example .tex and .pdf files) to .../texmf/tex/latex/toptesi/.

Two fake logos of the "Institute of Technology of Turin" and its Doctoral 
School are provided, in substitution of the legal official ones. They both 
have a "FAKE LOGO" watermark so as to be sure they are not used in place 
of the official ones. In the documentation of this bundle they are used 
as examples of possible logos, but they do not represent in any way any 
official logo. Even the fake institutional name, the translation in English 
of the official Italian one, has nothing to do with the trademarked one, 
the only one the Politecnico of Torino bachelor, master, and PH.D. students 
should use for their actual theses; they have to get the official logos 
from their Student Office, or from the official restricted Web site where 
only institutional students have access.

Move the .txt and the remaining .pdf files plus this README file to 

If the mentioned folders do not exist, create them.

For a personal installation, the /texmf folder is your personal 
one, rooted in your home directory: ~ on Linux; ~/Library 
on Mac OSX; on a path with different names on different Windows 
systems, all of them containing in one form or another your login 
name; in recent Windows editions your home directory is 
C:\Users\<your login name>.

If you are running a Windows platform change the slashes into backslashes
and prefix all paths with the drive letter and any other specific prefix
that is actually used in your texmf tree. 

Remember to refresh the filename database if you are using a MiKTeX 
This operation is not required if you have a TeXLive installation.

The package is already installed with *complete* TeXLive, MacTeX or 
MiKTeX distributions. In this case you don't need to decompress 
anything and move files around; in case of TeX system upgrades your 
package manager will do the work for you. 

Possibly check if the CTAN repository contains a newer version and, 
in case, use your package manager to upgrade your installation, but 
remember that you are not supposed to move or change anything in the 
TeX system directories.