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udesoftec documentclass and bibstyle

Maintainer: J. Peter M. Schuler
E-Mail:     j.peter.m.schuler at uni dash due dot de
Copyright:  2013-2015 J. Peter M. Schuler
Version:    1.6.2 2018/03/28
License:    lppl
Topic:      dissertation

  LaTeX template (full documentclass) for written theses at the University
  of Duisburg-Essen, Research Group for Business Informatics and Software 
  BibTeX bibliography style is quite similar to Springer Basic, just some 
  usability improvements (e.g. urldates are added in brackets in order to 
  prevent dots after the url). Labels localized to English and German.
  It is based on pdflatex and bibtex using UTF-8 encoded files. It is 
  thorougly tested on Windows/MikTeX and OSX/BasicTeX, works as well under  and thus should be plattform independent.

  For more information see the instructions in udesoftec-doc.pdf - complete 
  instructions are available in German, a short abstract in English gives 
  sufficient information for everybody familiar with TeX.

  Use your package manager to install 'udesoftec'. Package dependencies and 
  tlmgr command mentionend in udesoftec-doc.pdf Appendix A.1.1

Manual Installation:
  udesoftec.bst and udesoftec.cls are installed as always.
  The files matching udesoftec-cover*.* should be placed next to the 
  documentclass udesoftec.cls.