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UIUCTHESIS Package/Class
by Peter Czoschke (based on the original version by David Hull)


uiucthesis is a LaTeX package for formatting theses in the format
required by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

A class file and style file are provided. Both provide identical
functionality except that the class file loads the "book"
class with the [oneside] option.


README                  This file
uiucthesis.dtx		Source for uiucthesis.cls, uiucthesis.sty and thesis-ex.tex
uiucthesis.ins          Driver file for uiucthesis.dtx
uiucthesis.pdf		Precompiled PDF file of documentation from .dtx file
thesis-ex.pdf		Precompiled PDF file of the example file generated from installation
uiucthesis.cls		Pregenerated class file
uiucthesis.sty		Pregenerated style file (for backwards-compatibility)


latex uiucthesis.ins           <== Produces uiucthesis.cls, uiucthesis.sty
				   and thesis-ex.tex
latex uiucthesis.dtx           <== Produces uiucthesis.dvi (documentation)
latex uiucthesis.dtx           <== One more time, to fix cross-references

You can do the last two steps on thesis-ex.tex as well to generate the example
file (DVI).


This package requires the setspace package.