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1. Introduction

tex-upmethodology is a (La)TeX style that enables you to create Unified Process methodology (UP or RUP) based documents (document version, history, authors, validators, specification, task management, helping tools...) with LaTeX. It offers a template that may be used to automate revisions, or simply to make it easier to collaborate on text based documentation that can be managed through a version control system with ease.

Because the tex-upmethodology package is based on external definitions of layouts and styles, it has also been used successfully to write and publish scientific documents such as reports, engineering theses, master theses, and PhD theses.  An example of PhD thesis styles based on tex-upmethodology may be found at:

2. Installation

a) Copy the content of the directory inside one of your texmf directory, usually "/usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/upmethodology" or "$HOME/.texmf" on Unix operating systems.

b) Update the LaTeX databases from the command line:

 $> mktexlsr
 $> update-updmap --quiet

3. Authors

See the file AUTHORS.

4. License