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This document is copyright 2015 by Donald P. Goodman, and is
released publicly under the LaTeX Project Public License.  The
distribution and modification of this work is constrained by the
conditions of that license.  See
for the text of the license.  This document is released
under version 1.3 of that license, and this work may be distributed
or modified under the terms of that license or, at your option, any
later version.

This work has the LPPL maintenance status 'maintained'.

The Current Maintainer of this work is Donald P. Goodman

This work consists of the files xellipsis.ins and
xellipsis.dtx, along with derived files xellipsis.sty and

The xellipsis package provides a system for configuring
(almomst) every possible aspect of ellipses, including
preceding and proceeding characters; the character itself;
distances before and after each of these; and number of
characters.  It comes with both a compatibility option for
standard LaTeX \ldots as well as preset package options for
the Chicago Manual of Style (Turabian); the Bluebook; and
MLA guidelines.

This package should run properly on any properly running LaTeX