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LuaTeX-ko Package version 1.22 (2018/11/09)

This is a Lua(La)TeX macro package that supports typesetting Korean
documents including Old Hangul texts. As LuaTeX has opened up access to
almost all the hidden routines of TeX engine, users can obtain more
beautiful outcome using this package rather than other Hangul macros
operating on other engines.

LuaTeX version 0.95+ and luaotfload package version 2.7+ are required for
this package to run.

This package also requires both cjk-ko and xetexko packages for its full


This package is licensed under [LPPL](
(LaTeX Project Public License) version 1.3c or later.

See each file for details.


    Dohyun Kim <nomos at ktug org>
    Soojin Nam <jsunam at gmail com>

Please report any errors or suggestions to
or leave messages in the issue tracker at:



    luatexko.sty            -> tex/luatex/luatexko/
    luatexko-core.sty       -> tex/luatex/luatexko/
    luatexko.lua            -> tex/luatex/luatexko/
    luatexko-normalize.lua  -> tex/luatex/luatexko/
    luatexko-uhc2utf8.lua   -> tex/luatex/luatexko/


    luatexko-doc.pdf        -> doc/luatex/luatexko/
    luatexko-doc.tex        -> doc/luatex/luatexko/
    README (this file)      -> doc/luatex/luatexko/
    ChangeLog               -> doc/luatex/luatexko/


For a LaTeX user, declaring


is sufficient to load the package, which will load fontspec as well.
Notice that kotex.sty is a file provided by cjk-ko package.

Under plain TeX:

    \input luatexko.sty

Package Options

Load Hangul captions. Besides, this option adjusts interword and
interline spacing. Declares \hangulpunctuations=1 as well.

Load Hanja captions. Also apply other settings as [hangul] option does.

Prevents loading of fontspec package. Entire document will be typeset
with Type1 fonts.

Hangul Font Commands

Equivalent to \setmainfont et. al. of fontspec package. These fonts are
used when the font loaded by \setmainfont et. al. does not have Hangul

These fonts are used when the font loaded by \setmainfont or
\setmainhangulfont et. al. does not have Hanja glyphs.

These fonts are used when the font loaded by \setmainfont,
\setmainhangulfont, or \setmainhanjafont et. al. does not have Hanja

In like manner, these commands are available as well:

    \hangulfontspec   \newhangulfontfamily   \addhangulfontfeature
    \hanjafontspec    \newhanjafontfamily    \addhanjafontfeature
    \fallbackfontspec \newfallbackfontfamily \addfallbackfontfeature

If any of these CJK fonts are not specified, Nanum Type1 fonts from
nanumtype1 package will be used for typesetting CJK characters.

Hangul Font Options

Set spacing between Hangul characters.

Set spacing between CJK and Latin characters.

Raise CJK characters by <dimen>.

Other User Commands

When <number> is 1 or greater, UHC (aka. Windows CP949) input encoding
is allowed. <number> 0 restores UTF-8, the default input encoding.

When <number> is 1 or greater, latin punctuations will be typeset with
hangul fonts.

Emphasise Hangul or Hanja by putting dot above.

    \ruby{<base text>}{<ruby text>}
Typeset ruby annotations.

Same functionality as those ulem package provides.