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LuaXML is pure lua library for reading and serializing of the XML files. Current release is aimed mainly as support 
for the odsfile package. The documentation was created by automatic conversion of original documentation in the source code. 
In this version, some files not useful for luaTeX were droped. 


LuaXML is installed in TeX distributions, so you don't need to install it yourself. If you want to try the development version,
then clone this repository and run 

    make install

Please note that you will need [LDoc]( and 
[dkjson]( Lua modules installed on your system.


This code is freely distributable under the terms of the Lua license

Michal Hoftich
Version: v0.1h, 2018-12-18

Original authors: Paul Chakravarti and Manoel Campos (

If you are interested in the process of development you may observe