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README for 'lilyglyphs'

'lilyglyphs' is a package to make musical symbols and
notational elements of the LilyPond engraving software
( available to LaTeX documents.

(C) Urs Liska and others 2012-2013

Symbols can be inserted like characters in the continuous text,
either through a growing number of predefined commands or through
generic access commands that can insert and print virtually anything
that can be achieved with LilyPond.
Different from any other solution I have found so far 'lilyglyphs' 
items scale perfectly with any text font size and provide
detailed control over their placement and scaling.

'lilyglyphs' uses 'fontspec' to access LilyPond's 'Emmentaler' 
OpenType fonts, so it can only be used with LuaLaTeX and XeLaTeX, 
which are both supported.
The manual uses the (free) fonts 'Linux Libertine O', 'Linux
Biolinum O' and 'DejaVu Sans Mono', so in order to compile the manual
you need these fonts installed or have to manually modify/replace
the file 'documentation/lilyglyphsManualFonts.sty'.

Symbols that aren't covered by the 'Emmentaler' fonts are provided
with the help of small pdf image files that have been generated with
LilyPond itself. If you want to extend the package with your own 
commands based on images you have to use LilyPond, i.e. you need a 
working installation. This isn't necessary to _use_ 'lilyglyphs', however.
The package contains helper scripts that streamline the creation
of new commands. If you want to make use of them you will also
need a working installation of Python 2. Of course this too isn't
a requirement for using the package.

'lilyglyphs' is distributed under the LaTeX Project Public License 
Version 1.3c (license/COPYING.LPPL),
the included Emmentaler OpenType fonts are distributed under the
SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1 (otf/LICENSE.OFL)

The project homepage is
The development platform is at
There you can report and discuss bugs, problems, suggestions etc.
You may also check out the openlilylib-user mailing list at