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                    The luacode package for LuaLaTeX

Executing Lua code from within TeX with \directlua can sometimes be
tricky: there is no easy way to use the percent character, counting
backslashes may be hard, and Lua comments don't work the way you expect.
This package provides the \luaexec command and the luacode(*)
environments to help with these problems.

For an introduction to the most important gotchas of \directlua, see
lualatex-doc.pdf. Before you start using the tools in this package, let me
insist that the most robust way to manage a non-trivial piece of Lua code is
to use an external file and source it from Lua, as explained in the cited


Here are the recommended installation methods (preferred first).

1. If you are using TeX Live 2008 or later, use 'tlmgr install luacode'.
If your are using MiKTeX, use the MiKTeX Package Manager.
Alternatively, try you Linux distribution's package management system.

2. a. Grab on the CTAN.
   b. Unzip it at the root of one or your TDS trees.
   c. You may need to update some filename database after this, see your TeX
      distribution's manual for details. (Hint: with TeX Live, run 'mktexlsr';
      with MikTeX, look for "Refresh FNDB" in the MikTeX menu.)

3. a. Grab the sources from CTAN or github.
   b. Run 'make install TEXMFROOT=/path/to/texmf'.
      (Warning: 'make install' without giving a TEXMFROOT will
       put files in './texmf', which is probably not what you want.)
   c. See 2c.


This package is distributed under the terms of the LPPL v1.3c or later.
See the source file luacode.dtx for details.