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The ``lualatex-math`` package

This package patches a few commands of the LaTeX 2ε kernel and the ``amsmath``,
``amsopn``, ``mathtools`` and ``icomma`` packages to be more compatible with
the LuaTeX engine.  It is only meaningful if you compile your documents with


This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License, either
version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any later version.  See for the details of that license.


Copy the files ``lualatex-math.sty`` and ``lualatex-math.lua`` to a place where
TeX can find them.  The documentation is contained in the file

To produce the runtime files from the Docstrip source, run ``make``.  To
produce the PDF manual, run ``make pdf``.  To produce and compile a few test
files, run ``make check``.  To compile the manual you’ll need my `custom
documentation class`_.

To install the runtime files in your home TEXMF tree, run ``make install``.  To
install the PDF manual in your home TEXMF tree, run ``make install-pdf``.  The
package includes an AucTeX style file which will be installed in

.. _custom documentation class:


Include the package via ``\usepackage{lualatex-math}``.  The package has no
options and no public interface; it applies the appropriate fixes
automatically.  See ``lualatex-math.pdf`` for details.

If you encounter any issues, please report them by means of the `issue

.. _issue tracker: