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Version 3.0.1 of package xgreek

This version provides a fix to a typo found by a user.

Version 3.0 of package xgreek

Include support for LuaLaTeX. Now one can use the package
with either XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX.

Version 2.7 of package xgreek

The package option "stigma" did not set the proper character.
Also, all polytonic names use now characters from the
Extended Greek Unicode block.

Version 2.61 of package xgreek

In the previous version the uppercase of 'GREEK SMALL LETTER RHO WITH DASIA' (U+1FE5)
was set to be 'GREEK CAPITAL LETTER RHO WITH DASIA' (U+1FEC) while the correct is
'GREEK CAPITAL LETTER RHO' (U+03A1). This version fixes the problem. Thanks to 
Claudio Beccari and G√ľnter Milde for finding this bug.

Version 2.6 of package xgreek

In this version the definition of \anwtonos and \katwtonos have been
changed and now the commands expand to the correspong symbol and not
to some \char"03XX\relax sequence. It seems the previous definitions
did not work with some packages.

Version 2.5 of package xgreek

By default the package enables the indentation even for first paragraph 
after any header. This is the default in Greek typography. However, some
users wanted to be able to disable this "feature". Now, users can 
specify the noindentfirst option to achieve this. Also, some users wanted
to be able to have the Greek numerals that appear in enumerations and
chapter headers to get printed without the NUMERAL SIGN. This feature
can be turned on with the new option nonumeralsign. Fianlly, command
\anoteleia can be used to get an ANO TELEIA character. 

Version 2.4 of package xgreek

Two erroneous entries in \@ncientn@mes have been deleted.

Version 2.3 of package xgreek

In this version the \stigma command expands to the letters sigma tau.
If one wants this command to expand to the stigma symbol, she has to
use the stigma package option.

Version 2.2 of package xgreek

Removed the first entry of \refname in \@ncientn@mes.

Version 2.1 of package xgreek

I have introduced some new \lccode-\uccode pairs that
reflect current changes in Unicode 5.2 while I have corrected the
values for an existing pair. 

Version 2.0 of package xgreek

Package xgreek  has been designed so to allow people to typeset 
Greek language documents using XeLaTeX. And it is released in 
the hope that people will use it and spot errors, bugs, features
so to improve it. Practically, it provides all the capabilities 
of the greek option of the babel package. The package can be 
invoced with any of the following options: monogreek (for 
typesetting modern monotonic Greek), polygreek (for typesetting 
modern polytonic Greek), and ancientgreek (for typesetting 
ancient texts). The default option is monogreek. The command
\setlanguage{lang} to activate the hyphenation patterns of the 
lang. The format file should be built with standard tools. The 
contents of a minimal language.dat file follow:

american        ushyphmax.tex
ancientgreek    loadhyph-grc.tex
monogreek       loadhyph-el-monoton.tex
greek           loadhyph-el-polyton.tex

Apostolos Syropoulos
Xanthi, Greece