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             README for the `adhocfilelist' package
           -- \listfiles entries from command line --
                    (C) Uwe Lueck 2012/10/17

`' is a shell script to display a list of LaTeX
\Provides... contents on screen. Parameters can be either a list 
of comma-separated file names or criteria for the Unix `find' 
utility, especially to restrict the list to LaTeX source files 
modified <digits> days ago, such as "today". Command line options 
provide interfaces to the find utility and to packages `myfilist', 
`longnamefilelist', `nicefilist', and `filedate' for accessing and 
aligning those file informations and for adding a test of "date 
consistency" (even with XeTeX where \pdffilemoddate is unavailable). 

REQUIRED: This works on Unix-like systems only, and probably the 
    GNU version of `find' is required. The LaTeX bundle `fileinfo' 
    must be installed, and full functionality requires the LaTeX 
    packages `longnamefilelist', `nicefilelist', and `filedate'.

RELATED PACKAGES: Apart from what has been mentioned above, 
    `latexfileversion', `typeoutfileinfo', and `ltxfileinfo' are 
    related in that they are somewhat extended to a 
    "multiplicity" of files whose infos are displayed.
DOCUMENTATION: The manual `adhocfilelist.htm' can be read by a 
    web browser, and the command line option `-h' provides an 
    abridged version of it.

KEYWORDs: Package management, document versions.

LICENSE: The script file `' and the documentation 
    files `adhocfilelist.htm' and `adhocfilelist.tex' can be 
    redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the LaTeX 
    Project Public License; either version 1.3c of the License, 
    or any later version, see

    There is NO WARRANTY, indeed this still is somewhat experimental.

The `adhocfilelist' package is author-maintained in the sense of
the license.

The latest public version of the package is available at

A TDS version of the package is available as

Please report bugs, problems, and suggestions via