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			   BibTeX Perl Libs
			     Version 1.5
		  Gerhard Gossen and Boris Veytsman

This package provides BibTeX related Perl libraries by Gerhard Gossen,
maintained and repackaged by Boris Veytsman for TeXLive and other
TDS-compliant distributions.  The libraries are written in pure Perl,
so shoud work out of the box on any architecture.

To use them in your scripts, add to the @INC variable the directory
scripts/bibtexperllibs inside your TeX distribution.


  version 1.5 Upgraded BibTeX::Parser to 1.02 (bugfixes)

  version 1.4  Upgraded BibTeX::Parser to 1.01

  version 1.3  Upgraded BibTeX::Parser to 1.00

  version 1.2  Upgraded BibTeX::Parser to v0.70 and LaTeX::ToUnicode to 0.05

  version 1.1  Upgraded BibTeX::Parser to v0.69

  version 1.0  Upgraded BibTeX::Parser to v0.68 and LaTeX::ToUnicode to 0.04

  version 0.2  New upstream version for BibTeX::Parser (0.66)