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convbkmk Ver.0.10a

Takuji Tanaka

convbkmk is a tiny utility for making correct bookmarks in pdf files
typesetted by platex/uplatex with the hyperref package.
platex/uplatex + hyperref outputs data of bookmarks
in their internal encodings (EUC-JP, Shift_JIS or UTF-8).
On the other hand, the PostScript/PDF format requests that
the data is written in a certain syntax with UTF-16 or PDFDocEncoding.
Thus, data conversion is required to create correct bookmarks.
convbkmk provides a function of
the encoding conversion and formatting the bookmark data.

Lisence notice is written in the convbkmk.rb.
It is as same as the MIT license.

More information is within the convbkmk.rb with the RD format.