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Project:                   Ctan guidelines verifier and corrector program for uploading projects
Distributed under license: GNU General Public License (version 3).
Distribution Date:         15 Feb. 2015
Distribution version:      1.0
Comments:                  Currently for the Unix flavoured Platforms running Gawk
Author:                    Dave Bone

Contributors list:
  Dave Bone

Basic Gawk program that uses Ctan's published guidelines for authors to help eliminate slopiness in uploaded files/project.
It is completely open for users to program additional guidelines and Ctan's future  adjustments. 
The program came about when I first attempted to upload ``Yacco2'' for Ctan consideration.
As Yacco2 was quite large, it took me 3 attempts to clean up my project.
Depending on how u develop your project, in my case the Yacco2 project for Ctan upload is a subset of the complete system
and so each uplift required the guideline assessment/purging process.

This is my attempt to help both the author in getting the new system in shape for Ctan uplift 
and to lower the Ctan volanteers interaction to aid in publishing on their servers.
It is my thank you to these volanteers / Ctan.

1) License.
ctan_chk's distributed source code is subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 3).
If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, you can obtain one at

2) Ctan_chk reference.
Unzip the file.
Please read ctan_chk.pdf document. It instructs one in ``how to'' use the gawk ctan_chk.gawk program.

3) Literate Programming.
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