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	This jifty tool helps you to seach/download LaTeX packages listed at
	or search/download any files in (or its mirror).

	The tool requires following programs
		lynx wget tar bzip2 sed sort awk grep

	This tool was written by Anh K. Huynh <>.
	1.0.0 2008/05/11: first version
	1.1.0 2008/05/15: search files (use cache file)
	1.2.0 2008/05/16: smaller cache. Thanks to Karl Berry <>
	1.3.0 2008/05/23: everything is cached. Faster. New options. Thanks to texer.
	1.4.0 2009/09/12: auto. select ctan mirror (suggested by Jim Hefferon)
	1.5.0 2009/09/13: load database from
	ctan about           : show all information about this tool
	ctan usage           : show usage
	ctan version         : show script version

	ctan update          : update using (~1MB)
	ctan update --direct : update directly from CTAN. You are going to download 8MB
	ctan grep <string>   : search packages match <string>. grep ability is supported
	ctan get  <string>   : download packages match <string> to working directory

	If you want to search files:

	ctan fgrep <string>  : search files.
	ctan fget  <string>  : download files match <string> to working directory
	ctan grep -file <string>
	ctan get  -file <string>
	ctan grep theorem    # search packages match 'theorem'
	ctan grep ^n         # search packages srated by 'n'
	ctan get  ^n         # download packages started by 'n'

	ctan get -file contrib/
	ctan fget      contrib/
	ctan fgrep     ntheorem | grep zip
	* package information supported
	* search by package description,...
	* package build script
	* Karl Berry <>
	* Nguyen Van Hanh <>
	* Jim Hefferon <>
	This tool is published under LPPL.
	Please report to kyanh <>.