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Application  : datatooltk version 1.6 2015-09-06

Author       : Nicola L. C. Talbot

Home Page    :

Bug Reports  :

License      : GPLv3+ <>

Requirements : Java Runtime Environment 1.7 (Java 7)
               Perl (optional)
               datatool and (optionally) probsoln LaTeX packages.


A Java GUI that can be used to create datatool.sty databases in
datatool's internal format, which can be quickly imported into a
LaTeX document using \input (or datatool's \DTLloadbtex). It can
also be used in batch mode to import data from SQL, CSV, XLS, ODS or
probsoln datasets. Tools are available to sort or shuffle the


1. Ensure you have Java 7 installed (

2. Download and run datatooltk-installer.jar (either
double-click on the jar file or run 
"java -jar datatooltk-installer.jar" from a terminal).

If you want to use the datatooltk plugins you need to ensure
you have Perl installed. An up-to-date TeX distribution is also
required if you want to import data from a probsoln dataset.

Third Party Libraries

datatooltk depends on the following third party libraries whose jar
files are placed in the application's lib directory by the

 - Java Help ( GPL
 - Open CSV ( Apache 2.0 license
 - MySQL connector ( GPL
 - The Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository
   JLFGR License
 - Apache POI ( Apache 2.0 license
 - jOpenDocument ( GPL

Compiling PDF Documentation

Requirements: TeX, arara, Perl.


make -C src/doc datatooltk-en-GB.pdf


1. cd to the src/doc directory.

2. Run the createdatatooltkdocs Perl script to create the .tex file

   createdatatooltkdocs en GB


   createdatatooltkdocs en US

3. Run arara on the resulting .tex file. For example:

   arara datatooltk-en-GB

   Alternative run pdflatex, makeindex and makeglossaries as
   per the arara directives at the start of the .tex file