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Epspdftk.tcl is a GUI ps/eps/pdf converter. Epspdf.tlu, its
command-line backend, can be used by itself.

Both are scripts: epspdf.tlu is written in texlua and uses the
texlua script interpreter from TeX Live or MiKTeX. Epspdftk.tcl
requires Tcl/Tk, either a full installation or a tclkit runtime. TeX
Live already includes a tclkit runtime for Windows.

Epspdftk.tcl can find the other files as long are they are all in
the same directory. epspdf4tk.cmd is needed only when running
epspdftk.tcl under Windows.

Full documentation is available in the doc subdirectory.

Windows MiKTeX users: you may prefer the epspdf-setup package, which
installs a version of epspdftk which includes a regular installer
and requires no software beyond MiKTeX.