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What this is:

    The six files in  this package (available as hdfdev.tar.Z)  are the  
    necessary additions to Gplot 4.3b1 in  order to  add a  new device  
    which produces output in HDF format.  

    Gplot 4.3b1 (available from PSC as 
    and HDF 3.10r4 (available from NCSA as*) 
    are needed to make this driver operational. The files included here are:

        Makefile.cdif \ Context diffs of the files "Makefile" and
        devices.cdif  / "devices.c" from the Gplot 4.3b1 package.

        hdf.h   \
        hdf.c    \ New files that make up the hdf Gplot driver.
        rline.c  /
        rpoly.c /


    All that you need to do is extract  these files into your main Gplot
    source directory,  then  type  the following  lines  to  update your
    Makefile and devices.c files:

        patch < Makefile.cdif
        patch < devices.cdif

    If patch does not exist on your machine, then you will have to patch
    these files by hand.

    The Makefile expects the HDF library to be installed as libdf.a in a
    standard library search location;  if this file is located someplace
    else or  called something  else, then modify  the HLIBS line  in the
    Makefile.  The files df.h and dfi.h (both from the HDF distribution)
    are also expected to be found  in a standard header search location;
    if they are located someplace else,  then add an appropriate -I<dir>
    flag to the CFLAGS line in the Makefile.

    NOTE:  You  must  be  sure to  set the  MACHINE  line  in the  Gplot
    Makefile to  be the  same as  it was  set in  the HDF  Makefile; any
    errors while processing  dfi.h are usually  a result of  MACHINE not
    being set correctly.

    Once these changes  have been made  and the Makefile  configured for
    your site, all you need to do is  type "make" and you will get a new
    Gplot executable with a "hdf" device that produces HDF raster images
    from CGM files.  Each image from the CGM file is placed into its own
    HDF file; the first image  is placed in the  file "cgm0000.hdf", the
    second in "cgm0001.hdf", etc.  The device "hdf2" will  place all the
    images from the cgm file into a single "cgm.hdf" HDF file.


    Currently, the following functions are unavailable:

        - Conversion of direct color CGM images into HDF raster images.
        - Pattern and hatch fill of polygons.


    This Gplot  device driver  was written  by Michael  Mull of  the San
    Diego  Supercomputing  Center.  He is  providing  support  for  this
    device driver  and  any  questions or  problems  should  be directed
    towards him.  His InterNET mailing address is:

    Problems with this patch kit should be directed toward Brian Kircher
    and   Anjana Kar  of the  Pittsburgh  Supercomputing Center  at  the 
    following InterNET mailing addresses: