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              |    The LaTeX-Make system     |

VERSION: 2.4.2


This package provides several tools that aim to simplify the
compilation of LaTeX documents:
* a Makefile snippet to help compiling LaTeX documents in
  DVI, PDF, PS, ... format. Dependencies are automatically tracked: one
  should be able to compile documents with a one-line Makefile
  containing 'include'. Complex documents (with multiple
  bibliographies, indexes, glossaries, ...) should be correctly managed.

* figlatex.sty: a LaTeX package to easily insert xfig figures (with
  \includegraphics{file.fig}). It can interact with so that the
  latter automatically invokes transfig if needed.

* And various helper tools for

License type: gpl


Once generated, the following files need to be installed:
* *.sty, *.cfg
  Main LaTeX package files. Should be installed into
  TEXMF/tex/latex/latex-make/ where TEXMF is a base of a TeX Directory
  Structure for your TeX installation;
* *.py
  Helper scripts used by They should be installed into
  This is the Makefile snipset to include into your main Makefile.
  To avoid the need to hardcode the path of in the 'include' directive
  of the Makefile, must be installed in a default search directory of
  GNUMake such as PREFIX/include, /usr/local/include, /usr/include/, etc.
  See your GNUMake documentation for the list of such search directories;
    In order to be able to also use the 'LaTeX-Make-local-install' target, must also be installed into TEXMF/scripts/latex-make/
  *and* the two lines with "FIXME" at the end of this file must be updated
  with the TEXMF installation path.
* *.pdf
  Documentation that can be installed into


  In order to work, LaTeX Make requires:
  - GNU Make (>= 3.81)
    type "make --version" to check
  - a relatively recent LaTeX distribution (teTeX 3.0 should work,
    TeXLive >= 2005 also)
  If using figlatex, LaTeX Make also needs:
  - inkscape (>= 0.48.2) for converting svg files
  - transfig (>= 3.2.4) for the fig2dev command
    type "transfig -V" to check
  - ghostscript that is called by fig2dev
    type "gs --version" to check