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Latexmk, version 4.69a, 17 April 2020

Latexmk completely automates the process of generating a LaTeX
document.  Essentially, it is a highly specialized cousin of the
general make utility.  Given the source files for a document, latexmk
issues the appropriate sequence of commands to generate a .dvi, .ps,
.pdf or hardcopy version of the document, including repeated running
of the programs until cross references etc are resolved.  Latexmk can also
be set to run continuously with a previewer; the latex program, etc,
are rerun whenever one of the source files is modified.

Latexmk automatically determines file dependencies from the LaTeX .log
file.  It features: a fully reliable algorithm for deciding how many
times to run latex and related programs, automatic detection of
dependent files, the ability to generate pdf files using pdflatex or
via dvi or postscript files, and the continuous-preview mode.  For
bibliographies, the current version now supports biber as well as the
traditional bibtex.  Which of bibtex or biber to use is determined

Please read the man page (or the corresponding text or postscript
file) for details of what latexmk does and what all the features are.
A copy of the fast help that can be seen by doing "latexmk -h" is at
the end of this file.

Latexmk is a perl script.  It is licensed under the GNU General Public
License v. 2.

It was modified by Evan McLean from the original script called "go"
written by David J. Musliner.  Now it is supported by

            John Collins
            Physics Department
            Penn State University
            104 Davey Lab, Box 208
            University Park PA 16802

            username jcc8 at node

The start of the script file has copyright notices and disclaimers.  It
also has a modification history for those who are interested.


1) See the INSTALL file for installation instructions

2) Portability under various UNIX-type systems (including Linux):
   A special hack is used at the beginning of the latexmk script to ensure
   that it correctly runs without the need to adjust a #! line.  All that
   is necessary is that the script has execute permission.

3) Portability under non-UNIX systems:
   Under other operating systems some other arrangement needs to be made
   to run the file.  For example under MS-Windows, the supplied batch file
   latexmk.bat will do this.  Under current TeXLive (2009 or later)
   distribution, latexmk can be installed by TeXLive's package
   manager, in which case an executable program is also installed to
   run, and an appropriate version of Perl is part of the
   TeXLive system.  

   You may also find it necessary to convert files to the correct
   local format for text files.  As downloaded, the files are in UNIX
   format (line-ending is '\n').  On MS-Windows systems, the
   conversion to MSDOS format (with line-ending '\r\n') is normally
   UNnecessary, since much current software handles the UNIX format
   correctly.  (The known current software for which this statement
   applies includes MikTeX, TeXLive, emacs.)

4) Portability:  The various commands to process LaTeX files made need to
   be changed for particular installations.  See the INSTALL file and the
   documentation for information on customization.  

5) Portability: Users of different UNIX-like systems may have to change
   the "$pscmd" variable in their RC file if the -pvc option is to work
   perfectly.  Refer to $pscmd in the man page.

6) Latexmk can be downloaded from the author's site at
   This site also includes previous versions, and sometimes newer
   versions under development.

7) Latexmk is archived on the CTAN tex archive --- see  

John Collins
---------------------------- "latexmk -h" ----------------------------
------ TO STDOUT from JCC's latexmkrc
Latexmk 4.69a: Automatic LaTeX document generation routine

Usage: latexmk [latexmk_options] [filename ...]

   -aux-directory=dir or -auxdir=dir 
                 - set name of directory for auxiliary files (aux, log)
                 - Currently this only works with MiKTeX
   -bibtex       - use bibtex when needed (default)
   -bibtex-      - never use bibtex
   -bibtex-cond  - use bibtex when needed, but only if the bib file exists
   -bibtex-cond1 - use bibtex when needed, but only if the bib file exists;
                   on cleanup delete bbl file only if bib file exists
   -bm <message> - Print message across the page when converting to postscript
   -bi <intensity> - Set contrast or intensity of banner
   -bs <scale> - Set scale for banner
   -commands  - list commands used by latexmk for processing files
   -c     - clean up (remove) all nonessential files, except
            dvi, ps and pdf files.
            This and the other clean-ups are instead of a regular make.
   -C     - clean up (remove) all nonessential files
            including aux, dep, dvi, postscript and pdf files
            and file of database of file information
   -CA     - clean up (remove) all nonessential files.
            Equivalent to -C option.
   -CF     - Remove file of database of file information before doing 
            other actions
   -cd    - Change to directory of source file when processing it
   -cd-   - Do NOT change to directory of source file when processing it
   -dependents or -deps - Show list of dependent files after processing
   -dependents- or -deps- - Do not show list of dependent files
   -deps-out=file - Set name of output file for dependency list,
                    and turn on showing of dependency list
   -dF <filter> - Filter to apply to dvi file
   -dvi   - generate dvi
   -dvi-  - turn off required dvi
   -e <code> - Execute specified Perl code (as part of latexmk start-up
   -f     - force continued processing past errors
   -f-    - turn off forced continuing processing past errors
   -gg    - Super go mode: clean out generated files (-CA), and then
            process files regardless of file timestamps
   -g     - process regardless of file timestamps
   -g-    - Turn off -g
   -h     - print help
   -help - print help
   -jobname=STRING - set basename of output file(s) to STRING.
            (Like --jobname=STRING on command line for many current
            implementations of latex/pdflatex.)
   -l     - force landscape mode
   -l-    - turn off -l
   -latex=<program> - set program used for latex.
                      (replace '<program>' by the program name)
   -latexoption=<option> - add the given option to the (pdf)latex command
   -logfilewarninglist or -logfilewarnings 
               give list of warnings after run of (pdf)latex
   -logfilewarninglist- or -logfilewarnings- 
               do not give list of warnings after run of (pdf)latex
   -lualatex     - use lualatex for processing files to pdf
                   and turn dvi/ps modes off
   -M     - Show list of dependent files after processing
   -MF file - Specifies name of file to receives list dependent files
   -MP    - List of dependent files includes phony target for each source file.
   -MSWinBackSlash  under MSWin use backslash (\) for directory separators
                    for filenames given to called programs
   -MSWinBackSlash-  under MSWin use forward slash (/) for directory separators
                     for filenames given to called programs
   -new-viewer    - in -pvc mode, always start a new viewer
   -new-viewer-   - in -pvc mode, start a new viewer only if needed
   -nobibtex      - never use bibtex
   -nodependents  - Do not show list of dependent files after processing
   -norc          - omit automatic reading of system, user and project rc files
   -output-directory=dir or -outdir=dir
                  - set name of directory for output files
   -pdf   - generate pdf by pdflatex
   -pdfdvi - generate pdf by dvipdf
   -pdflatex=<program> - set program used for pdflatex.
                      (replace '<program>' by the program name)
   -pdflualatex=<program> - set program used for lualatex.
                      (replace '<program>' by the program name)
   -pdfps - generate pdf by ps2pdf
   -pdflua - generate pdf by lualatex
   -pdfxe - generate pdf by xelatex
   -pdfxelatex=<program> - set program used for xelatex.
                      (replace '<program>' by the program name)
   -pdf-  - turn off pdf
   -ps    - generate postscript
   -ps-   - turn off postscript
   -pF <filter> - Filter to apply to postscript file
   -p     - print document after generating postscript.
            (Can also .dvi or .pdf files -- see documentation)
   -pretex=<TeX code> - Sets TeX code to be executed before inputting source
                    file, if commands suitable configured
   -print=dvi     - when file is to be printed, print the dvi file
   -print=ps      - when file is to be printed, print the ps file (default)
   -print=pdf     - when file is to be printed, print the pdf file
   -pv    - preview document.  (Side effect turn off continuous preview)
   -pv-   - turn off preview mode
   -pvc   - preview document and continuously update.  (This also turns
                on force mode, so errors do not cause latexmk to stop.)
            (Side effect: turn off ordinary preview mode.)
   -pvc-  - turn off -pvc
   -pvctimeout    - timeout in pvc mode after period of inactivity
   -pvctimeout-   - don't timeout in pvc mode after inactivity
   -pvctimeoutmins=<time> - set period of inactivity (minutes) for pvc timeout
   -quiet    - silence progress messages from called programs
   -r <file> - Read custom RC file
               (N.B. This file could override options specified earlier
               on the command line.)
   -recorder - Use -recorder option for (pdf)latex
               (to give list of input and output files)
   -recorder- - Do not use -recorder option for (pdf)latex
   -rules    - Show list of rules after processing
   -rules-   - Do not show list of rules after processing
   -showextraoptions  - Show other allowed options that are simply passed
               as is to latex and pdflatex
   -silent   - silence progress messages from called programs
   -stdtexcmds - Sets standard commands for *latex
   -time     - show CPU time used
   -time-    - don't show CPU time used
   -use-make - use the make program to try to make missing files
   -use-make- - don't use the make program to try to make missing files
   -usepretex - Sets commands for *latex to use extra code before inputting
                source file
   -usepretex=<TeX code> - Equivalent to -pretex=<TeX code> -usepretex
   -v        - display program version
   -verbose  - display usual progress messages from called programs
   -version      - display program version
   -view=default - viewer is default (dvi, ps, pdf)
   -view=dvi     - viewer is for dvi
   -view=none    - no viewer is used
   -view=ps      - viewer is for ps
   -view=pdf     - viewer is for pdf
   -Werror   - treat warnings from called programs as errors
   -xelatex      - use xelatex for processing files to pdf
                   and turn dvi/ps modes off

   filename = the root filename of LaTeX document

-p, -pv and -pvc are mutually exclusive
-h, -c and -C override all other options.
-pv and -pvc require one and only one filename specified
All options can be introduced by '-' or '--'.  (E.g., --help or -help.)
In addition, latexmk recognizes many other options that are passed to
latex and/or pdflatex without interpretation by latexmk.  Run latexmk
with the option -showextraoptions to see a list of these

Report bugs etc to John Collins <jcc8 at>.