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Logfilter is freeware
It can be used by anyone for any purpose... 

What is it
LogFilter is a program that monitors the logfiles TeX/LaTeX produces
and presents them in an interactive environment to the user.

The program lets the user choose which errors he cares to see.
Furthermore LogFilter integrates with your editor so that when
pressing an error, your editor will open the tex file and jump to the
according line. Some errors do not contain linenumbers in which case
the program only opens the file where the error has occoured.

It should work on any sane OS with Java (or JRE) installed

MAC users must use OS X 

There are none... use the program is your own responsibility! 

There is none... use the program is your own responsibility! 

Have a nice day

-Kasper B. Graversen signing off...

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