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LTX2MathML v. 1.0


LTX2MathML converts a subset of LaTeX math to MathML.

I wrote this over a decade ago (my coding style has changed since then :). As the original sources did not compile correctly with Visual Studio 2019, I had to make some modifications to them. Only compilation errors were addressed. The rest of the source codes have largely remained unchanged since I last wrote them.


1. Include the file 'ltx2mathml.h' and the 3 CPP files (ltx2mathmlclasses.cpp, ltx2mathmlparser.cpp, and ltx2mathmltables.cpp) in your project.

2. Call the function 'convertFormula'.

3. If that function succeeds, call 'getMathMLOutput' (overloaded) to retrieve the results. Otherwise, call 'getLastError' to retrieve the error message.

See the header 'ltx2mathml.h' for a description of these functions. See the file 'test.cpp' for the usage.

LaTeX Commands/Symbols Supported

The most common LaTeX commands and symbols are supported. See the file 'ltx2mathmltables.cpp' for the complete list.


This program is released under the GNU General Public License
version 3 or newer. See the COPYING file included with this distribution or <>.

	Copyright (C) 2020 Peter Frane Jr.


Please send any inquries to