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Orderrefs (Version 1.00, 2 June 2004)

When the bibliography in a LaTeX document is made by hand, without use
of BIBTeX, it is frequently necessary to reorder the items in the
bibliography according to their order of citation.  Orderrefs is a
little program that automates this reordering. 

Orderrefs is a portable perl script and it should run on any computer
with a working perl installation.  (It is known to run under
UNIX/LINUX and Microsoft Windows operating systems.)  

It is available under the GNU General Public License: See the file

Downloading: Orderrefs is archived on the CTAN tex archive --- see  
   It is also available on the author's website at

Installation: See the file INSTALL

Usage: Run from a command-line prompt. See the information at the end
   of this file, which is a copy of orderref's online help.

It is written and supported by

            John Collins
            Physics Department
            Penn State University
            104 Davey Lab, Box 208
            University Park PA 16802

            collins at


---------------------------- "latexmk -h" ----------------------------

    orderrefs [options] file

Makes new version of LaTeX file, with bibitems ordered in order of
citation, as determined from the aux file.  Uncited bibitems and bibitems
with an explicit label are kept in the order they are in the original
file, after the list of ordered bibitems.  A backup copy is made of the
original LaTeX file, in a file with the same name as the LaTeX file, but
with .bak added.  The default extension for the LaTeX file is .tex.

You should run latex on the LaTeX file before running orderrefs, in
order to ensure that the aux file exists and is up-to-date.

The bibitems are identified as being in an environment with the name 
thebibliography.  It is assumed that the \begin{thebibliography}, the
\end{thebibliography}, and the \bibitem commands all start a line
preceeded at most by white space.

    -b name            synonym for --bibname=name
    --bibname=name     specifies name of LaTeX environment containing
                       the bibliography.  (Default: "thebibliography".)
    -a file            synonym for --auxfile=file
    --auxfile=file     specifies name of .aux file.  (Default is constructed 
                       from name of LaTeX file with extension .aux.) 
    -h or --help       displays this message
    -v or --version    gives version number