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This file belongs to the PS_VIEW package.

Version 2.01: June 25th, 1998

The package PS_VIEW belongs to the public domain. You are entitled to do with
the files of which it consists whatever you wish. If you alter a file,
however, please remove the line containing the comment

              `This file belongs to the PS_VIEW package.'

in order to avoid a mess.



The package is essentially a PostScript program (hence its portability),
providing an interactive environment for previewing PostScript documents
using Ghostscript interpreter.
It enables scaling, rotating, restart, on-line help, printing the screen,
etc. For more details see below.

The package consists of the following files:

    2PS_VIEW.DOC  this file
    ANSIPRE.BAT   DOS batch file, prepares access to ``arrow'' keys,
                  used by GV.BAT, GVP.BAT, and GVS.BAT;
                  in order to use it you need to have installed ANSI.SYS
    ANSIPOST.BAT  DOS batch file, clears settings of ANSIPRE.BAT,
                  used by GV.BAT, GVP.BAT, and GVS.BAT;
                  in order to use it you need to have installed ANSI.SYS
    GV.PAR        parameters for a previewing session using VGA
    GV.BAT        sample batch file for previewing single page documents
    GVP.BAT       sample batch file for previewing multi-page documents
    GVS.BAT       sample batch file for sequential previewing documents
    PS_VIEW.PS    the ``engine''
    PS_HELP.PS    on-line help, used by PS_VIEW.PS (to invoke help press F1
                  or Alt-H during the previewing session)
    PS_LOCAL.PS   description of local environment, to be adjusted
                  if necessary
    PS_V201.POL   the program description (in Polish)

Additionally, the package contains the following files not connected
immediately with the previewing environment, but perhaps of some value for

    GS.BAT        sample batch file for ,,raw'' previewing (without PS_VIEW)
    GS.PAR        parameters for ,,raw'' previewing, using VGA
    GJ.BAT        sample batch file for LaserJetIIIp printer (300 dpi)
    GJ4P.BAT      sample batch file for LaserJetIVp printer (600 dpi)
    GJC.BAT       sample batch file for color DeskJet550C printer (300 dpi)
    GJ.PAR        parameters for preparing output for a printer
    GJC.PAR       parameters for preparing output for color printing
    HP3P_510.PS   correction file for LJET3 driver for Ghostscript 5.10
                  (see batch file GJ.BAT)
    GAMMA.PS      parameter file for color printing (see batch file GJC.BAT)

Moreover, QUIT.PS is referred to. It belongs to the standard Ghostscript



It is assumed that all the package is placed in the directory T:\PS_VIEW.
If another destination place is required, the following files should be


The program GS386.EXE and all of the batch files are assumed to be in
a directory specified by the DOS environment variable PATH.



In this package the standard VGA is enforced, but
you can use your SVGA device, if it is one of the Ghostscript devices.
We used and tested Ghostscript revision 5.10, compiled by Piotr Strzelczyk,
with following devices:


For example, if you have the Trident SVGA, your GV.PAR may contain

  -sDEVICE=tvga  instead of  -sDEVICE=vga

and one of the screen resolution settings:

  -r61  for the screen resolution 1024 x 768,
  -r54  for the screen resolution  800 x 600,
  -r41  for the screen resolution  640 x 480.


In order to preview a document all you need to do is to invoke one of batch
files GV.BAT, GVP.BAT or GVS.BAT with a parameter being the name of the
document to be previewed.

GV.BAT should be used with single page documents (e.g., EPS files),
GVP.BAT---with multi-page documents, conforming the structure of files
  generated by Tomas Rokicki's DVIPS driver,
GVS.BAT---provides a sequential access to multi-page documents.

After starting a previewing session you have several possibilities, briefly
described below. In curly braces appear optional parameters. In order to use
``hot-keys'' shown in the fourth column, you have to install ANSI.SYS (in
CONFIG.SYS). After entering a ``normal'' operation (second column) you have
to press [Enter]; ANSI aliases supply [Enter] code automatically.

 ----------- ------ --------------------------------------       ------------
  PARAMETER   OPER   DESCRIPTION                                  ANSI ALIAS
 ----------- ------ --------------------------------------       ------------
  (FILE_NAME)  a   apply new picture
  (FILE_NAME)  o   open new picture
                   (equivalent to `a')
  (FILE_NAME)  ap  apply new paged document
  (FILE_NAME)  op  open new paged picture
                   (equivalent to `ap')
               c   redraw current picture                               [F10]
               i   view picture with initial                            [F11]
                   parameter settings
               w   view whole picture                                   [F12]
       {PAGE}  pn  go to the specified page
       {PAGE}  np  equivalent to pn                               {PAGE} [F4]
               pf  go to the first page
               fp  equivalent to `pf'                                  [Home]
               pl  go to the last page
               lp  equivalent to `pl'                                   [End]
       {INCR}  n   go to the next page                          {INCR} [PgDn]
       {INCR}  p   go to the previous page                      {INCR} [PgUp]
               g   draw local window-oriented coordinates grid
               gg  draw global coordinates grid (cm)
               ggg draw global coordinates grid (cm, mm)
   {HOR} {VER} igg initialize global grid origin to (HOR,VER)
               wgg initialize global grid origin to
                   the window origin
               dgg initialize global grid origin to (0,0)
               gc  switch to global coordinates
               lc  switch to local window-oriented coordinates
        {MAG}  m   set magnification factor
  {HOR} {VER}  v   view magnified and shifted picture
  {HOR} {VER}  vu  view magnified and shifted        {HOR} {VER} [Alt+Period]
                   picture (equivalent to `v')
  {HOR} {VER}  vd  view diminished and shifted        {HOR} {VER} [Alt+Comma]
                   picture (equivalent to `v'
                   with temporary scaling=1/MAG)
  {HOR} {VER}  go  shift picture (``go to specified         {HOR} {VER} [Tab]
                   position''; equivalent to `v' with
                   temporary scaling=1)
      {SHIFT}  s   set shift
      {SHIFT}  l   shift picture left                      {SHIFT} [Left Arr]
      {SHIFT}  r   shift picture right                     {SHIFT} [Right Arr]
      {SHIFT}  u   shift picture up                        {SHIFT} [Up Arr]
      {SHIFT}  d   shift picture down                      {SHIFT} [Down Arr]
       {STEP}  ro  rotate picture counterclockwise         {STEP}  [Shift+Tab]
                   by STEP*90 (i.e., clockwise for STEP<0)
               hf  flip picture horizontaly
               vf  flip picture verticaly
       {INCR}  un  undo previous picture                         {INCR} [Del]
       {INCR}  re  redo undone picture                           {INCR} [Ins]
               bb  show document bounding box
               pg  show document page box (if it's set)
               fr  show frame (approximate printing area)
{(FILE_NAME)}  pr  print screen or send it     {(FILE_NAME)} [Ctrl+Print Scr]
                   to a file
  DEVICE_NAME  prs select printer, to be used by `pr'
      (DEVICE) dev select screen device
             r1024 set screen resolution (for SVGA)
              r800 set screen resolution (for SVGA)
              r640 set screen resolution (for SVGA)
               rsc reset screen (reset text cursor)                      [F9]
                e  attempt to recover from error
                q  quit saving the restart information               [Ctrl+Q]
                x  exit without saving the restart information       [Ctrl+X]
{(FILE_NAME)}  wr  write the restart information           {(FILE_NAME)} [F2]
{(FILE_NAME)}  rr  read conditionally the restart          {(FILE_NAME)} [F3]
             help  help                                               [Alt+H]
              ver  print PS_VIEW version
              rev  print Ghostscript revision